29 May 2020

Category: Fantasy-Dystopian-SciFi


We are the Ants 

Since Henry was 13, aliens have periodically abducting him, returning him to Earth days later. One day, the aliens offer him a choice to push a red button- a button that could save Earth from complete destruction. However, Henry isn’t all sure if the world is worth saving. We are the Ants documents the months Henry is given to make a decision.


These Broken Stars 

Luxury spaceliner Icarus is anything anyone could have ever dreamed of… until one fateful night when it’s yanked out of hyperspace and falls to the nearest planet. Only two survive the crash- Lilac LaRoux, daughter of the man who created the Icarus and the richest person in the world, and Tarver Merendsen “Major”, a renowned  decorated soldier. As they’re forced together by the need to survive, they uncover chilling truths and find themselves with a sole purpose: to escape the planet that has them trapped.