29 May 2020

Author: lifeonabookshelf099


The Winner’s Curse 

As a general’s daughter in a vast empire that revels in war and enslaves the people it conquers, seventeen-year-old Kestrel doesn’t have many options, except for becoming a fighter. And she hates it. One day, she is startled to find a kindred personality in a young slave up for auction, Arin. Following her instinct, Kestrel buys him, not realizing the consequences surrounding Arin’s hidden secret.



Panic is a summer game open to all seniors in the small and stifling town of Carp. People are forced to face their fears in a series of challenges designed to weed out the fearful until only one victor remains. Heather never wanted to play until she decided that the money offered to the winner was too great an opportunity to pass up. Dodge played for revenge on the person who scarred his sister in a near-fatal car accident. As the game progresses, both Heather and Dodge must decide what they stand for and how far they are both willing to go to win.

Historical Fiction

Code Name: Verity 

Verity is an Allies spy who has been captured by the Nazis. In an attempt to save her life, she offers to write a  memorandum documenting everything she knows about the British War Effort. And she will, after she writes her own personal story about how she came to be a spy and was inadvertently captured.


We are the Ants 

Since Henry was 13, aliens have periodically abducting him, returning him to Earth days later. One day, the aliens offer him a choice to push a red button- a button that could save Earth from complete destruction. However, Henry isn’t all sure if the world is worth saving. We are the Ants documents the months Henry is given to make a decision.


These Broken Stars 

Luxury spaceliner Icarus is anything anyone could have ever dreamed of… until one fateful night when it’s yanked out of hyperspace and falls to the nearest planet. Only two survive the crash- Lilac LaRoux, daughter of the man who created the Icarus and the richest person in the world, and Tarver Merendsen “Major”, a renowned  decorated soldier. As they’re forced together by the need to survive, they uncover chilling truths and find themselves with a sole purpose: to escape the planet that has them trapped.



Cather (Cath) is an avid fangirl and a popular fanfiction writer for her favorite book series, Simon Snow (Harry Potter retelling). But when she goes off to college with a twin sister that doesn’t want to be around her anymore, life gets a lot harder. To make matters worse, she has to deal with a mom that abandoned her at a young age, and an eccentric dad who probably shouldn’t be left alone at home. Now Cath has to learn how to let go of her past and move on, even if it means leaving Simon Snow and her fandom behind her.